Our History

The 51 West Event Center building, part of the Historic District of Downtown Frankfort, was built around 1890. Located less than one block Southwest of the courthouse square, it served many years as the Coulter Smock Furniture store.


In the 1970's, the building was converted into a "mini-mall" with multiple stores, including a hair salon and doll shop.  The Clinton County United Way later purchased the building and created a non-profit community services building.


In 2015, the building was again put up for sale.  Dr. Jill Snyder, a local dentist known for her downtown building rehabilitation, envisioned restoring the historic building and creating a sophisticated, elegant event venue.  As an avid cook and ballroom dancer, she felt strongly that those using the facility for parties should be able to choose who prepared their food and that a large dance floor was a must.

Armed with sledgehammers, her small crew began destruction of the office spaces in January 2016.  Dr. Snyder is a big proponent of recycling, so they salvaged all the doors, windows, trim and boards that could be used again on this site or elsewhere.  Items have also been salvaged from other downtown buildings and re-purposed at 51 West.  Closet doors and trim from the second floor of 2 S. Main street were refinished and installed in our women's rest room, which is a must see on any tour.  A window transom was hidden in an apartment wall at 2 S Clinton and is now located on the mezzanine landing.  


51 West event center opened with a wedding reception in March 2018 and is now known as the most elegant destination for weddings and events in Clinton County.  An hour drive or less from Indianapolis, Lafayette, Kokomo and Monticello, it is a perfect setting to meet for those with friends and family traveling from multiple locations.

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